Bitcoin Poker – the Online Gambling Industry’s High-Flyer

The popularity of BTC poker, the real salvation and revelation for the huge worldwide player community, has been on the rise for several years already.

It probably didn’t came as a big surprise for real-money poker websites’ operators (and if it did, they were ill-prepared for this shocking impact with the revolutionary technology, that’s for sure), but at least they have had enough time by now to measure the aftermath of Bitcoin’s invasion into the area where their control of the situation used to be absolute before. Naturally enough, the initial situation was far from perfect for the cryptocurrency to start its reign in the field of virtual gambling – BTC was still feared and mistrusted by many, as people knew too little of it in the beginning. It all takes time, we know, but, as we can see now, it didn’t take Bitcoin too much time to show itself in the best light ultimately. Internet gambling was among the first industries to adopt the new digital currency, with Bitcoin poker being one of the most rapidly evolving branches of online entertainment.

It was all thanks to its numerous benefits that Bitcoin was able to establish itself in virtual poker as a reliable and highly efficient means of payment. Today, millions and millions Internet poker players all over the world prefer to gamble for cryptocurrency, with conventional payment methods involving credit cards, wire transfer systems, and real money like USD, EUR, etc. gradually falling into disuse. That is fairly easily explainable, as Bitcoins are far more convenient for the fans of one of the greatest card games ever in its online form. With the help of BTC, one can play virtual poker absolutely anonymously regardless of the country and jurisdiction they’re staying in (with certain exceptions), and enjoy seamless instantaneous fund deposits and withdrawals with near-zero transaction costs and no need to wait days and weeks for the payments to be processed. All the winnings you grab while playing Bitcoin poker can be transferred directly to your BTC wallet, and exchanged into real money whenever you need to, hence no problems making real use of your prizes.

And no, Bitcoin poker is not just all about quick and efficient system of payments. As a crypto poker room player (here, of course, you may want to look for more solid and reputable portals, not suspicious fly-by-night dummy websites), you get access to the overall choice of poker betting opportunities, freerolls, tournaments, and other events that is comparable to what the leading fiat-currency poker rooms can offer to their customers. Oftentimes, though, Bitcoin-powered poker rooms surpass their real-money rivals in all possible terms, coming up with even more lucrative and exclusive ranges of betting options, and bonuses amounting to impressive sums. This all simply can’t be left unnoticed by Internet poker players looking for portals where they can enjoy their favorite game on the most advantageous terms and forget about the issues and inconveniences they used to face when there was no other payment option for them but cash-based electronic solutions.

All in all, it becomes increasingly harder for ‘traditional’ poker operators to ignore the imminent rise of Bitcoin poker, especially in the face of the considerable attrition of customers. You can have a great reputation, and make highly attractive offers to your customers, but, after all, if that is not what they are looking for exactly, you’re more likely than not to be doomed. The reality is people seek to play poker for bitcoins, the more so these days there are multiple possibilities for them to do so, and room portal owners are perfectly aware of it.