Bitcoin Video Poker

BitCoin Rush started its operation in the year 2013 when it was opened as the sports betting site. This casino claimed to be the first ever casino to use the Provably Fair technology to play video poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and Hi-Lo. Presently, BitCoin Rush provides five BitCoin casino games with many added options. It also has many options for the sports betting games. The site also provides the ‘BitCoin Rush’ game developed by them, which one cannot see on other sites.

Glimpses of Features of BitCoin Rush
If the players want to play individual games on the BitCoin Rush sites, one has to click on the games on top menu bar to play the games of one’s choice. The site also provides VIP Loyalty Program for its players. Other features of this BitCoin Rush site are:

The registration on the site is quite easy
Players require to fill in their Username, Password and E-Mail details
The BitCoin Rush provides nice and appealing BitCoin games
There are five games under the BitCoin Casino and seven games under BitCoin Sportsbook section.
The coin value can be once used throughout any of the games with six coins in a range.
The gambler having the highest coin value will win the game usually the ones with 32 value coins.
Review of BitCoin Rush Video Poker
The BitCoin Video Poker games can be played directly from the browser of the players in a free-play mode. The minimum bet is of 1m BTC and maximum bet is of 100m BTC at the site. It provides the balance of 1000 credits to the players. One can make the Game ID free for playing the video poker games. Other pointers involved while playing the game includes:
After the placement of a bet, the players need to click the deal button to reveal their five cards hand
This is a 5-card poker game only
The players only know what combination they possess in their hands. The options of the cards included in this game are Jacks or Better, Three of a kind, Two pairs, Straight, Flush, Full House, Straight Flush, Royal Flush and Four of a Kind.
After clicking on the first deal, the players can choose from the cards they need to hold and discard.
Click on the Draw Button to reveal the cards in final hand to witness the win.
The payouts can be increased by increasing the bet size.
By clicking on the Provably Fair Button, the players can verify the outcome of each draw.
Rules Related to Video Poker Games
The Video Poker rules on BitCoin Rush are as under:
The Blackjack game pays 3:2 of the deal amount
The dealer stays on all the 17’s
The players can do the Double on any of the two cards
Double the cards only after the split is allowed
Gamblers can hit the Aces after a split
The Splits can be hit up to two hands
Six decks come up after reshuffling every hand
The maximum bet punters can make is of 100 credits and minimum is of B0.1
The Odds Table of the video poker cards shows the following numbers:
1. Jacks or Better – 1
2. Two Pair – 2
3. Three of a Kind – 3
4. Straight – 4
5. Flush – 6
6. Full House – 9
7. Four of a Kind – 25
8. Straight Flush – 50
9. Royal Flush – 250
VIP Loyalty Program under Video Poker Games
The BitCoin Rush provides VIP Loyalty Program for its players. It is known as BitCoin Rush VIP Comp Program for various games provided by the online gambling site. With this program, the players are earning bonus on their funds with not any rollover requirements.
The players can earn ‘VIP Points’ under this program and advance to new levels starting with the Red Tier to White Tier then Black and at last to the Gold Tier. The BitCoin Rush also offers additional rewards based on their VIP points on the timely basis.
In addition to these points, the players receive daily comp points that are deposited directly into their bank account. Here are the bonus percentages for each tier that are based on the overlays and not the losses. The players earn the comps even they win or withdraw. The following percentage value for each tier for Video Poker game is:
Red Tier gives 0.16%
White Tier provides 0.24%
Black Tier gives 0.32%
Gold Tier gives away 0.40%
Deposits and Withdrawals at BitCoin Rush for Poker Games
The BitCoin is used for making deposits and withdrawals at BitCoin Rush online gambling site. The players can even deposit 1m BTC to play video poker games. The majority of withdrawals are instant but some may take up to six hours. The larger withdrawals that are accumulated up to 25 BTC in a 10-day period is provided in batches over 30 days.
BitCoin Rush does not offer many games under Video Poker slot. The website only has one poker machine in comparison to other sites. However, if the players like to play lesser games with good quality and fair play then they can prefer this casino site. People are rushing to the BitCoin gaming casinos for poker games, sports betting or table games so BitCoin Rush is also a good choice.