How to buy bitcoin

If you are interested in using bitcoin to play poker or any kind of online games then you will need to follow a few steps. Once you have gone through these steps you will see why bitcoin is becoming more and more popular.

1. Get a bitcoin wallet – A “wallet” is a program where you can store bitcoin. You are going to need one and get familar with the basics. Here is a good list of wallets We recomend Multibit or Electrum for new users.

2. Buy some bitcoin – You are going to need to exchange dollars or another currency for bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin from an exchange, ATM, or P2P from someone in person. The easiest place for Americans to buy bitcoin is Coinbase. The only issue is that they will close your account if they find out you are sending bitcoin to an online casion and after some time they will start asking questions about the source of your income that you used to buy bitcoin. If you do buy bitcoin from Coinbase then do not send directly to an online casinon and instead send it to your own wallet, and then from there to the Casino. If you are comertable with bitcoin then try out localbitcoins and buy from someone in your area for cash. If you are buying bitcoin regularly then you might want to think of a international wire transfer to an offshore bitcoin exchange like bitfinex. Here is a list of exchanges

3. Send bitcoin to the sports book – You will get a bitcoin address in your account that you can send bitcoin to. Depending on the sportsbook it will take anywhere from 1-10min to an hour to have your deposit confirmed.