Poker Bluffing Tips

Bluffing is an important part of poker and it should be in your arsenal of weapons. Many beginners think that bluffing is just betting an amount that’s impossible to call. This type of thinking will end up causing you to lose a lot of chips. Bluffing is in fact much more than that. You’ve got to be a great actor to be good at bluffing. Here we’re going to give you some tips that will help you learn the art of bluffing.


A bluff doesn’t come out of the blue. It’s not like a right hand from a boxer that comes out of nowhere to land a knockout punch. A bluff is something that takes planning and precision to pull off. That’s what most people don’t realize when it comes to bluffing. They think it’s something that totally comes out of nowhere to leave their opponent dumbfounded. Many players can spot a bluff like this from a mile away. When they do, you’re going to lose a lot of money. They’ll know you have nothing and will call your bluffs every single time.

It all starts out with acting like you have a big hand. You’ve always got to keep your opponents on their toes. This is why you need to mix up your game, this way they can’t put you on any hands. A bluff only works if your opponent thinks you’ve got a big hand. You’ve got to act like you have just that the entire time. You also need to be able to spot weakness in other players. Poker at times is a game of preying on the weak. Everyone does it and you’ve got to pick your spots. A weak player that’s chasing a hand is vulnerable and can be taken advantage of by bluffing them. Not every time a player will hit their flush or straight draws. When they don’t you, you’ve got to step in and make a move.

Always remember that your opponent is studying how you’re playing to figure out what you have. Trying to figure out your opponent’s cards are a big part of poker. You need to look like someone that has just hit their hand. Are you acting like you’re on a flush draw? Then you’re going to have to act aggressively if a third card of the same suit hits the board. Your bluff has to be believable or people will see right through it. That’s why you have to have a strategy for your bluff and stick to it. That strategy may be pretending that you have a big pocket pair from the get go or that you’re on some kind of draw. It has to be believable or your opponent will not fold their hand. That’s the thing that you always have to remember.

Never commit more chips to a bluff than you’re willing to lose. Your opponent very well may have a big hand. You’re either going to have to fold or lose a whole lot of chips to them. Never forget that a bluff can backfire. In fact, you may even be bluffed while trying to bluff another player. It’s possible and there are times that it will happen. Bluffing needs to be a part of your game. You can’t win in the long run without it. It’s something that takes skill and you won’t learn how to properly bluff over night. It’ll take years to master and that’s the beauty of the game. Anyone can play poker, but very few will master it.